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Road Construction Increases Miami Car Accident Risks


Drivers in our area are used to road construction. Unfortunately, these projects become more common in spring, just as local traffic increases. This can pose serious hazards both for road construction workers and motorists, increasing the risk of car accidents in Miami. National Work Zone Awareness Week highlights the potential dangers and ways drivers can protect themselves and others on the road. 

National Work Zone Awareness Week Call Attention To Common Hazard In Miami

National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is held each year in April. Set to coincide with the spring construction season, it calls attention to the hazards road construction creates and encourages drivers to use extra caution in these areas.

According to National Work Zone Safety, over 900 people are killed each year in road construction accidents while more than 44,000 suffer serious personal injuries. Factors that make crashes and collisions more common in construction areas include:

  • Traffic congestion and unexpected stops;
  • Rough and uneven or unpaved road surfaces;
  • Sudden lane changes;
  • Traffic detours and unexpected merging;
  • Road construction vehicles and equipment on the road.

Take Precautions To Protect Yourself And Others

Miami-Dade County provides a long list of road construction projects in our area. While these projects are generally designed to enhance traffic flow and increase driver safety, they pose serious risks to drivers, pedestrians, and construction crews. To protect yourself and others, take the following precautions:

  • Be aware of road construction projects along routes you regularly travel;
  • Opt for detours to avoid road construction, when possible;
  • If you must travel through these areas, expect delays;
  • Avoid speeding and allow plenty of time to reach your destination;
  • Be considerate of other motorists and yield the right of way, when appropriate;
  • Avoid distractions and keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel at all times;
  • Pay attention to signs and follow instructions provided by road crews.

If a car crash or a collision involving road construction workers or others does happen, pull over as soon as safely possible. Notify the police immediately, exchange information with other drivers, get the name of the construction company and the location being worked on, and seek medical attention for your injuries, regardless of severity.

To Protect Your Rights In Filing A Claim, Contact Our Miami Car Accident Lawyer

Even if you take the appropriate precautions, road construction accidents in Miami can still happen. These are among the most complex types of cases, as there may be multiple parties who are responsible.

To protect your rights in filing a claim, reach out to Pita Weber Del Prado right away if you or someone you love is involved in this type of crash. We can investigate your case, determine who is responsible, and help you get the total amount needed to cover property damages, medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs you incur. Give us a call at 305-670-2889 or contact our office online today and request a consultation with our Miami car accident lawyer.





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