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Investigators Work To Uncover Causes Of Fiery Plane Crash In Miami


It is every airplane passenger’s worst nightmare-something going wrong with your flight.  Whether it happens on take-off, in midair, or on landing, aviation accidents can happen and often result in devastating personal injuries.

People on a recent flight into Miami saw these fears realized when problems with landing equipment caused the plane they were in to skid on the runway and burst into flames. In the aftermath, federal investigators are working to identify the causes.

Passengers Describe Terrifying Crash Landing At Miami Airport 

Passengers on Red Air’s MD-82 jetliner boarded Flight 203 in the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic earlier in the day. After a relatively uneventful trip, they landed at Miami International Airport at roughly 5:30 p.m.

However, according to a June 24, 2022 NBC Miami News report, many noticed the airliner traveling at a high rate of speed and reported hearing an unusual noise as the wheels hit the runway. Rather than slowing to a stop, the plane shifted to one side, skidded, and kept going down the runway. Apparently, the left main landing gear collapsed and as the belly scraped the cement, it created sparks that caused the plane to burst into flames.

Inside, passengers report screaming and a panicked frenzy to open emergency doors. Several stepped up to help others exit safely and Miami Dade Fire Rescue crews arrived quickly to douse the fire, which was largely centered in one of the plane’s wings. Fortunately, all 130 passengers and 10 crew members survived the accident, although many suffered personal injuries. 

Investigators Called In To Investigate The Causes of Plane Crash

Plane accident injuries due turbulence, hard landings, or getting struck by objects in air are unfortunately common. These typically do not warrant federal investigations. However, when an actual plane crash happens, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is quick to arrive at the scene.

A June 23, 2022, Miami Herald News report states that the NTSB immediately assigned a team of 10 expert investigators to Red Air Flight 203. In determining the cause of the crash, they will carefully consider the following:

  • The prior performance and overall history of the aircraft;
  • The flight experience and training of the flight crew and maintenance workers who survived the plane;
  • The plane’s instrumental panel and flight control system;
  • It’s ‘crash-worthiness’, which is how well the plane withstood impact;
  • Procedures followed throughout the trip and when the incident happened;
  • Mitigating circumstances, such as excessive workloads on the part of the crew, human errors, and negligence, which could have impacted the situation.

Contact Our Miami Aviation Accident Lawyer 

When personal injuries happen during a flight, for whatever reason, injured passengers have the right to hold the airline accountable. At Pita Weber Del Prado, we provide the trusted legal representation you need in filing a claim. Call 305-670-2889 or contact our Miami aviation accident lawyer online to request a consultation.





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