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Cruise Line Litigation

Fall is quickly approaching and cruises are a popular vacation option for people looking for a last minute warm weather getaway. With their all-inclusive pricing policies, many travelers view cruises as an affordable break from the daily grind. While these ocean adventures provide an abundance of activities and adventures, when a cruise goes wrong for a passenger, it can turn into a painful and inconvenient situation with possible injuries.

The cruise ship industry experienced a bout of bad publicity with numerous reports of sickness outbreaks on board. In January of 2014, USA Today reported on the early return of a Princess Cruise ship when more than 100 passengers fell ill with gastrointestinal complications. Only a few days prior to that incident, a Royal Caribbean ship was also forced to return home when more than 600 passengers suffered from an illness similar to norovirus. The sickness affected passengers and crew members alike, who were quarantined into their rooms for several days. According to a report by CBS News, though the cruise line cut the planned trip by two days, it did not return to port at the height of the sickness. Many affected passengers saw this decision as an unnecessary exacerbation of their circumstances.

In response to these incidents, the cruise industry created stricter standards and guidelines for cleanliness and sanitation of ships. According to the Cruise Lines International Association, Inc. (CLIA), ships must undergo regular inspections by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure proper food handling and sanitation practices. Updated response plans were also initiated to deal with incidents of gastrointestinal outbreaks.

To compensate passengers for the problems on board, Royal Caribbean reportedly offered a refund for half of the cruise price and gave a voucher for half off a future cruise. According to reports, some passengers viewed this offering as inadequate and instead, chose to file lawsuits against the company in search of increased compensation.

Personal Injuries on Cruise Ships

 Litigation against cruise lines is not limited to these outbreaks. Numerous injuries regularly occur during these trips. In their quests to provide passengers with recreational options, these companies construct various activities on board the ships. From rock climbing walls to skating rinks, passengers are given a variety of activities from which to choose. However, providing these services also carries a level of responsibility for their proper maintenance and the safety of passengers who use them.

Accidents occur regularly, resulting in broken limbs and other serious injuries. There are also reports of fatalities. When these incidents occur, a court of law may hold the cruise line accountable for any acts of negligence that led to the accident. An experienced lawyer can present evidence of slippery floors, equipment failures or improperly trained staff members as causes for passenger injuries. If successful, these arguments can lead to substantial compensation for the injured party or family members.

If you or a loved one has been injured while on board a cruise ship, contact Pita Weber Del Prado for knowledgeable guidance and aggressive representation. Call 305-670-2889 today for a free consultation.

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