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How Tropical Weather Increases Miami Car Accident Risks


Due to our tropical climate, heavy rains and tropical storm or hurricane warnings in our area are common throughout the summer and into the fall months. August and September are typically among the most active in regards to adverse weather. For drivers, it is important to be aware of the risks. Car accidents in Miami become more common at this time of year. Our Miami car accident lawyer explains more about the potential hazards and how to protect yourself and your passengers.

Adverse Weather Conditions Make Car Accidents In Miami More Likely To Happen 

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June through November. However, the late summer/early fall months typically see the most activity and the heaviest rainfall accumulations. This can have major impacts on drivers and make car accidents Miami car accidents more likely to occur.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) warns that of the roughly six million car accidents that happen in the United States each year, more than 20 percent are weather-related. The majority of these involve wet, rainy weather conditions. Even minor amounts of rainfall can have major impacts on drivers. These include:

  • Reduced visibility, due to fog, driving rain, condensation on windows, and increased glare;
  • Decreased tire traction, as moisture makes it harder for tires to grip the road and can lead to hydroplaning;
  • Longer stopping times, due to reduced responsiveness of tires, steering, and brake systems;
  • Greater potential for heavy traffic tie-ups and sudden stops, putting additional demands on drivers and their vehicles. 

Safety Tips For Driving In Rain and Storms

At this time of year, rain and other adverse weather conditions are a common contributing factor in car accidents in Miami. However, the reckless and negligent behavior of drivers can increase the risk. To protect yourself and others on the road, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) recommends following these safety tips:

  • Slow down: Use extreme caution when driving on wet roads, going below speed limits as needed.
  • Be prepared for sudden stops: Car accidents, traffic light outages, and downed trees or other debris in the road make traffic tie-ups more likely and may require sudden stops.
  • Use the far right side of the road: In the event you hydroplane or skid when making a sudden stop, driving on the right side can help avoid head-on collisions and provide access to emergency lanes.
  • Turn around, don’t drown: When it comes to potential flooding, better to be overly cautious. It is impossible to tell the depth of standing water simply by looking at it and even just a few inches increases drowning risks.

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