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Miami Injury Lawyer > Blog > Case Results > Motorcycle-Jeep Crash. PWD recovers $950,000 for Boy in Relentless Pursuit of Truth

Motorcycle-Jeep Crash. PWD recovers $950,000 for Boy in Relentless Pursuit of Truth

At night, smack in the middle of the Pandemic, “Cheeky” was in the jeep’s backseat. His father stopped in the median to make a left turn into their neighborhood. Unknown to the father, two football field lengths away, a motorcycle was speeding toward him at over 100 mph. As the jeep almost completed the turn, the motorcyclist crashed into the jeep. The motorcyclist’s head and helmet went through the window and struck Cheeky’ s face. Emergency, major facial reconstruction surgery followed.

No witnesses saw the crash. A liability dispute ensued. Did the jeep fail to yield? Or, was the motorcyclist driving at such extreme speed that he was at fault?

Determined to establish the truth, PWD knocked on door after door in the neighborhood. PWD secured the testimony off two off-duty police officers. One testified he was walking when the motorcycle passed at 80 – 100 mph, about a block away from impact, and that he never heard the motorcycle decelerate. The other off-duty officer confirmed the motorcycle passed him at 80-100 mph seven blocks before the crash. Truth established.

PWD obtained a $950,000 recovery for Cheeky. We are proud that Cheeky and his family put their trust in us. And we are proud of our relentless search for the truth.

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