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Millions of Child Safety Seats Recalled

Children are our most prized possessions and each year, parents spend millions of dollars to ensure the safety and security of their babies. From cribs to strollers and everything in between, parents expect that the products they purchase are manufactured in the safest manner possible. When this expectation is not met, the most vulnerable members of our society are put in danger of physical harm. Injuries leave parents and families with physical, mental and financial burdens. But with the help of an experienced lawyer, they can secure compensation from the responsible party.

Child safety seats are vital to the security of children while riding in a car. They are meant to keep the child safely positioned inside the vehicle and adequately protected in the event of an accident. The proper installation and usage of a child safety seat is important and when they are not used properly, the results can be fatal. According to a recent report by CBS News, a popular maker of child safety products recently recalled millions of car seats in the largest recall of its time. Now, the company is under additional scrutiny as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigates the timing of the recall.

As stated in the article, the buckles of the car seat can become jammed during an emergency, placing the child’s life in danger. In February of 2014, the company recalled more than 4 million toddler seats due to the problem. The NHTSA reportedly questioned the limited recall, pointing to the exclusion of infant safety seats. In July, the company responded to the regulatory concerns by recalling nearly 2 million infant car seats.

Product Liability

Under federal law, companies are required to implement recalls within five days of learning about safety defects. The NHTSA is now investigating to learn when the company first became aware of the problems with infant seats. A finding of deliberate inaction can result in $35 million in fines. Recall rules are in place to protect consumers from the potential dangers of product defects. Legally, there are three theories of product liability:

  • Design defects;
  • Manufacturing defects; and
  • Failure to warn consumers.

When child safety seats are defective, there are numerous risks to the child. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Latches that become stuck during the impact of an accident;
  • Safety restraints that are placed in the incorrect areas of the seat, leading to diminished safety for the child;
  • Locks that do not stand up to the impact of an automobile accident;
  • Inadequate padding that does not absorb the force of an impact; and
  • Flammable fabric that easily catches on fire.

When accidents occur, a capable lawyer can present a comprehensive product liability defense. If successful, the injured child may receive a substantial financial award, to compensate for the damage caused.

If your child was injured in an automobile accident and you believe the seat belt or safety seat was defective, contact the Miami legal team of Pita Weber Del Prado for knowledgeable and skillful representation. Call the office today at 305-670-2889 for a free consultation.

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