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Will Your Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage in Florida?


Most homeowners’ insurance policies that are available in Florida cover damage caused by hurricanes. However, not all types of hurricane damage may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance.

In Florida, many homeowners’ insurance policies cover damages to the property caused by rain and wind as a result of a hurricane, while others do not cover hurricane damage caused by floods and storm surges.

Depending on your coverage and the facts specific to your property, you may be required to pay a deductible in the event your home is damaged by a hurricane in Florida. Many insurance companies require their policyholders in Florida to pay a deductible for hurricane-related damage because the Sunshine State is at greater risk for hurricanes.

What is a Hurricane Deductible and Why Should You Pay It?

A deductible is a fixed dollar amount that a homeowner must pay out of pocket for their insurance coverage to kick in and cover the expenses associated with damages to their home or property.

If you must pay a deductible in the event of hurricane damage to your home, and your insurance company determines that your property was damaged by a hurricane, you will be required to pay the deductible before the insurer pays out any money for the covered hurricane-related damages.

Many insurance companies in Florida use a percentage rather than a fixed amount of money to calculate the homeowner’s hurricane deductible. The higher the risk of hurricane damage to your property, the higher the percentage of the total coverage.

For instance, if your home is covered up to $300,000 and your insurer determines your hurricane deductible to be 3%, you will be required to pay $9,000 out of pocket before you can receive any compensation from the insurance company.

Can You Lower or Remove the Hurricane Deductible in Florida?

Unlike in most other states, insurance companies in Florida require a hurricane deductible in a homeowner’s insurance. Because of its location, Florida is one of the states that are most at risk when hurricanes arrive.

In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate the rate of your hurricane deductible in Florida. However, in order to lower your hurricane deductible, your insurer may require you to pay a higher rate for your homeowner’s insurance.

Some insurance companies may allow their policyholders to avoid paying the hurricane deductible at the expense of lowering the total amount of the homeowner’s coverage or even eliminating any coverage for hurricane damage.

How to File an Insurance Claim to Get Compensated for Hurricane Damage?

The first step to seeking compensation for hurricane damage is to notify your insurer that your property has been damaged or destroyed by a hurricane. Write down everything that has been damaged and take photos of the damage.

Under Florida law, homeowners are required to take reasonable steps to prevent further damage to their homes or property. If this requires you to repair something, keep receipts and invoices to obtain reimbursement for your expenses.

If you suspect that your insurance company is violating policy provisions or engages in illegal, fraudulent, or dishonest conduct, speak with an experienced Miami insurance dispute lawyer. Contact our lawyers at Pita Weber Del Prado for a consultation. Call at 305-670-2889.


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