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Medical Device Errors Can Play A Major Role In Miami Medical Malpractice Claims


Medical malpractice in Miami is common and a leading cause of death and disability throughout the United States. It often involves failure to properly diagnose serious conditions or provide immediate medical care as needed. Medical device errors frequently play a role in these cases.

Common Types of Medical Device Errors

Medical devices are used to diagnose and manage a variety of serious and potentially life-threatening health conditions. Unfortunately, when these devices malfunction, do not perform as advertised or are used improperly, it can cause major outcomes for patients.

According to the National Institutes of Health, medical errors are a major problem and a leading cause of death in the United States, claiming the lives of more than 10,000 people each year. Millions of other patients suffer potentially serious personal injuries. Medical device errors can end up playing a major role in these cases. Among the most common types of medical device errors include:

  • Device activation and battery failures;
  • Failure to record pertinent information;
  • Failure to alert medical providers of serious symptoms and emergency situations;
  • Delivery system failures that prevent patients from receiving medications or other interventions needed to manage their conditions.

Your Rights In Filing A Medical Malpractice Claim

Each year, the U.S. Food And Drug Administration (FDA)  receives hundreds of thousands of reports regarding medical device-associated deaths. Even when a device works properly, issues with how it is advertised to doctors or used in the treatment of patients can pose major risks.

A recent example is the Zio AT System monitor, manufactured by iRhythm Technologies and used with heart patients. In late May, the FDA sent a letter to the company, highlighting several issues that could potentially impact patients:

  • Although advertised for use in ‘high-risk’ cases, the device is not capable of providing critical care;
  • It does not provide real-time monitoring for patients, which is another falsely advertised feature;
  • Recent changes to the product algorithm can affect the accuracy of readings, leading to misdiagnosis and lack of treatment.

When patients suffer harm as a result of medical device errors, they may have the right to file a medical malpractice claim against their provider, as well as the manufacturer of the product.

Contact Our Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical malpractice is increasingly common and can have potentially life-threatening impacts on patients. Medical device errors are a frequent contributing factor and increase the risk of misdiagnosis and a lack of proper treatment. In this type of situation, you may have the right to hold both your medical providers and the medical device manufacturer accountable in a claim.

Medical malpractice claims are often complex and require gathering extensive evidence. At Pita Weber & Del Prado, we provide the trusted legal guidance and the professional representation needed in these cases. To protect yourself and your rights, reach out to experienced Miami medical device lawyers. Call 305-670-2889 or contact our office online and request a consultation today.




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