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6 Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcycles in Miami During the Motorcycle Season


The motorcycle season is already here, which is why you might see a significant number of bikers on the roads of Miami. Florida has the second-highest number of motorcycles in the nation (over 545,000).

While riding a motorcycle is a fun activity for thrill-seekers in Miami, those sharing the road with bikers must take extra precautions to avoid causing collisions. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the majority of motorcycle accidents are not the motorcyclist’s fault.

We are going to outline six safety tips for sharing the road with motorcyclists in Miami.

  1. Give Plenty of Space to Motorcyclists

The first tip to avoid causing a motorcycle crash is to maintain a safe distance between your motor vehicle and a biker. A motorcyclist may brake too sharply, or they may attempt to ride between lanes of traffic, which is known as lane splitting. While lane splitting is illegal in Florida, many bikers still do it. Thus, you should give plenty of space to motorcyclists in the event they want to perform such a maneuver.

  1. Check the Blind Spots

Since motorcycles are much smaller in size than passenger vehicles, they can remain invisible in the blind spots. Thus, you must always check the blind spots, especially during the motorcycle season, to decrease the risk of motorcycle collisions. Check the blind spots before turning, merging, or changing lanes.

  1. Do Not Get Distracted

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents involving motorcycles. Drivers are more likely to use their cellphones and engage in other distracting activities when the road is open and there is less traffic. However, using a cellphone while driving is not only illegal but also increases the risk of a crash, especially when a motorcyclist lingers in your blind spot, and you fail to swerve in time to avoid a collision.

  1. Stay Calm When Sharing the Road with Bikers

Often, drivers of passenger vehicles get aggressive when a motorcyclist is around them, particularly when a biker passes them. They may tailgate or cut them off, or even provoke bikers to make unsafe maneuvers. Aggressive driving is never a smart option, as it increases the risk of auto accidents, which is why it is vital to keep your cool when operating a vehicle during the motorcycle season in Florida.

  1. Be More Cautious in Bad Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions tend to be a common cause of motorcycle crashes, especially when the roads are icy, slippery, or wet from snow or rain. Bad weather conditions can reduce a driver’s visibility and increase the likelihood of a motorcyclist losing control of the bike.

Therefore, motorists must exercise due care when driving in bad weather conditions to avoid accidents with motorcyclists who lose control due to wet or slippery roads.

  1. Drive Carefully at Intersections

A large number of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections in Miami and other parts of Florida. It is vital to take extra precautions when approaching and driving through intersections. This requires the motorist to look both ways and pay attention to traffic signals.

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