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Dangers at the Gym

It is time for New Year’s resolutions. All across Florida, people will make promises to themselves that they may or may not keep. Nevertheless, from financial goals to the pursuit of romance, January is filled with high expectations for the year to come. Two of the most common New Year’s resolutions are weight loss and better health. While some people want to simply lose the ten pounds they gained over the holidays, others hope to make a major change in their appearance and overall well being. To accomplish this goal, many people will turn to health clubs and fitness experts for assistance. While these services are valuable for the achievement of health goals, they can also prove dangerous if professionals do not exercise the proper care.

According to IDEA Health and Fitness Association, gym lawsuits often involve injuries that occur when patrons slip and fall. Other common gym injuries include:

  • Malfunctioning equipment;
  • Falling objects;
  • Over exhaustion;
  • Falling from exercise equipment; and
  • Tripping on exercise equipment.

Slip and Falls

Gym owners and managers have a duty to maintain the facility in a safe manner. This includes ensuring that there are no objects impeding the flow of patrons moving into, out of and throughout the property. On the outside of the building, staff must ensure that entryways are kept clear of slippery surfaces, like ice or wet leaves. Within the property, exercise equipment should be arranged in a manner that creates safe walkways. Also, staff members should ensure that free weights and other small exercise accessories are placed safely away. Pool and spa areas should have signs posted to warn patrons about the possibility of slipping and staff members should monitor the area to ensure that members are not running or acting in a dangerous manner.

Over Exhaustion

Patrons don’t always recognize when they are reaching their physical limitations. As such, they may continue to exercise, especially if pushed by an overzealous trainer. However, it is the job of the trainer to recognize the signs of exhaustion, which may include:

  • profuse sweating;
  • shortness of breath;
  • dizziness; and
  • swelling in the face or extremities.

If a trainer does not recognize the signs of exhaustion and continues to push the patron, a serious injury may result. A court of law may find that the trainer breached a duty of care and hold the trainer and/or gym facility liable for damages.

Spread of Infection

Part of the duty to patrons is to keep the facility clean and sanitary. With the amount of sweating and touching of equipment that goes on in gyms, there is a good chance for the spread of infection if adequate measures are not taken. Pools and hot tubs are especially susceptible to these problems, so regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary. If not done, patrons can become ill from infections spread within the fitness center.

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