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The Dangers of Train Accidents

Railways offer an affordable and convenient mode of transportation between the states. Every year, thousands of travelers jump on passenger trains and head down the eastern shore to Florida, one of the world’s most popular tourism spots. Though most of these trips go off without a hitch, there are instances when a train ride can turn dangerous, and even deadly. When these accidents occur, someone should be held accountable for the pain and suffering of injured parties. This is best accomplished with the assistance of a capable and experienced lawyer.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, more than 6,500 railroad accidents occurred last year. Out of those incidents, there were 407 fatalities and almost 5,000 nonfatal injuries. These victims included employees, passengers and trespassers. The causes of these accidents are various and include the following:

  • Conductor negligence – The conductor operates the train and is responsible for its direction. He ensures that the train travels on the correct tracks and adequately stops it when necessary. If the conductor does not do his job correctly, the train may derail or collide with another vehicle.
  • Mechanical flaws – The train requires regular maintenance to ensure its proper performance. If the responsible agency or business does not keep up with necessary maintenance, the results can prove disastrous.
  • Engineer negligence – Engineers work in a variety of positions throughout the train yard. They lay out the tracks, maintain the mechanics of track changes and repair broken track signals. It is vital that these professionals perform their duties properly to promote train safety.

Florida Train Accidents in the News

According to recent reports, in the last few months, a Florida-based commuter line has been in four different collisions and run over a man who was laying on the train tracks. The first accident reportedly resulted from a trailer hanging over the tracks. The second incident reportedly occurred when a car stalled on the tracks. Though the passenger was able to jump out in time, the train still collided with the vehicle. The next accident involved an SUV that was clipped in the back and resulted in the death of a man who was laying on the tracks in the dark. The most recent incident occurred when a driver rode into the side of train, which she reportedly blamed on a sun glare. These incidents exemplify the possible danger of railroad accidents.

Train accident cases are challenging to maneuver because it is important to identify the appropriate responsible party. If the accident was the result of a mechanical issue, the train manufacturer or maintenance crew may be at fault. If employee negligence was the cause, the employing business or agency is a possible defendant. In addition, if the train company is a government agency, there are additional procedural requirements required before the case can move forward.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a train accident, contact the legal team of Pita Weber Del Prado in Miami for knowledgeable and skillful representation. Call the office today at 305-670-2889 for a free consultation.

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