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Tractor Trailer Tragedy

52-year old H.P.  recently arrived in Miami from Cuba with his wife and 2 adult sons to begin a new life.  HP was grateful for the opportunities that our great country afforded him and the advantages it would offer his wife and sons.  As soon as he had his work papers, H.P. found an agricultural job and worked his “fingers to the bone” to support his family and achieve the American Dream.  
On February 13th, 2017, HP was driving home to prepare for his wife’s birthday party later that afternoon.    Tragically, H.P. never made it home.  He was struck and killed by a tractor trailer.  Law enforcement officers did not charge the tractor trailer driver with violating any traffic law.  Apparently, the evidence was unclear to them.
When PWD received the call to work on this case, our attorneys immediately launched into action — bringing an accident reconstruction expert  to the scene in order to study the crash, inspect the vehicles, as well as gather and analyze evidence.  What’s more, PWD attorneys canvassed the area, assisting in gathering and studying the evidence, locating and interviewing witnesses and securing critical documents from the tractor trailer operator and his company.  Through early and intense “boots on the ground” legwork, the attorneys at PWD built a strong case from Day 1 with solid evidence that the tractor trailer operator’s negligence caused this tragic crash.  
Within 60 days from the date of the crash, our attorneys secured a $1,000,000.00 settlement (Policy Limits) from the tractor trailer operator’s insurance carrier.  While no amount of money will ever fill the void that H.P.’s death has left for his family, friends and co-workers, it does ensure that H.P.’s widow and adult sons will have the financial security to continue building upon the American Dream that HP proudly began.
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