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Miami Plane Accident Lawyer

Aviation Accidents

FAA, Rescue or police photo the scene of almost any airplane accident.

They say that flying is safer than driving. True, and that it certainly the case for commercial airline flying. But despite our engineering achievements in flying, accidents continue to happen and the when they do, the consequences are usually catastrophic.

Figuring out what went wrong in airplane accident, as with any disaster, is key. In airplane accidents, we usually have to wait for the National Transportation Safety Board to conclude their investigation. The bigger the crash, the more intense and lengthy the investigation usually will be. Even in small airplane accidents, the NTSB will undertake an investigation for accidents in the USA and sometimes elsewhere. The NTSB findings are often helpful. Contact our Miami plane accident lawyers for more information.

At Pita Weber Del Prado, we also undertake our own investigation, whether or not the NTSB was involved. Although every accident is different and requires its own unique approach in solving the cause, our typical investigation team will include qualified experts in the areas of: experts piloting, engineering, metallurgy, mechanical, and accident reconstruction. And beyond the physical remains of the crash, the investigation will often involve a thorough review of the black box data, and the logbooks (maintenance, pilot, flight).

Frequent causes of airplane accidents and even helicopter accidents include:

  • Pilot error
  • Communication Errors
  • Poor flight planning
  • Overloading, improper cargo distribution, and/or improper passenger distribution
  • Poor maintenance
  • Weather
  • Faulty instruments
  • Design
Aviation Accidents

The Pita Weber Del Prado team at work determining the cause of the crash.


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