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Product Liability

P&D expert investigating a Ladder Failure.

Most products out there are safe. But some are not. Some have designs that just were not fully thought through. Maybe they were rushed to market. Maybe the engineering was not sound. Maybe they were not tested thoroughly. In other cases, the product may be designed very well, but something went wrong when it was put together. This is called a manufacturing defect. Even in our food supply, health standards are not always adhered to and bad food can end up on our grocery shelves. Government agencies that are charged with regulating much of this are all too often overwhelmed, understaffed, and do not have the benefit of long term study. Contact our Miami product liability lawyers for more information.

The law recognizes that as consumers, we place our trust in the products that we buy at a dealership, off the shelves, or elsewhere. Consumers just don’t have the resources to fully investigate or adequately test many, many products. And when the product is defective in some shape or form, a major tragedy can happen. That is why the law applies a strict liability standard in these cases.

Lawn Mower Fire

P&D expert investigating riding mower fire.

What do we do at Pita Weber Del Prado in such cases? We hit the ground immediately once we have the basics on what happened. If it’s on a highway, a playground, or a work site, it does not matter. We go there. We take our team of experts. We lock up the product at issue. We dissect it. We analyze it. We figure out what happened and why it happened. These early steps are critical to putting your case together the right way, the winning way.

Injuries associated with product liability cases are all too often devastating. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing legal help, it would be an honor to discuss the matter with you and let you know how we can help. Contact our experienced Miami product liability lawyers.

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