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Who Is Responsible When a Bridge Comes Tumbling Down

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

When tragedy strikes, one’s first response is typically to attend to the injured or, in some circumstances, to settle the estate of the deceased. At some point, however, attention begins to turn to blame, and, as costs begin to mount, how to hold those accountable for the tragedy can lead to a personal injury… Read More »


Checking Your Doctor for Malpractice Claims

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Everyone wants to be able to trust their doctor, but one does not need to look very hard to find news reports of health care providers accused of medical malpractice due to negligent care. State medical boards are charged with taking action against physicians that endanger a patient’s safety or health, but many states… Read More »


Who’s Responsible in a School Bus Accident?

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Getting children to and from school safely is a major concern of every parent, especially if the child is transported on a school bus. However, car accidents happen every day, and some unavoidably include school buses filled with children. As much as automotive safety technology has advanced in recent years, buses are not particularly… Read More »


Liability Issues for Outpatient Surgery Centers

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

As people seek cheaper and more efficient alternatives to have seemingly simple medical procedures performed on an outpatient basis, many are turning to surgery centers without realizing the risk this decision brings. Even very simple treatments can lead to injury and potential medical malpractice if the proper protocol and training is not used. These… Read More »


Who Is Responsible When a Pedestrian Is Hit?

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Unless a person lives in a handful of large cities in this country, their world is oriented around car travel, and decidedly not in favor of pedestrian safety. Pedestrians have no chance when hit by a car, and frequently sustain serious or fatal injuries. The victim and his/her family, while initially focused on getting… Read More »


Liability for Failing to Provide Adequate Aid

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

As a general rule, people and companies have an obligation to act reasonably so as not to cause unnecessary harm to others. This means not creating or allowing dangerous conditions to exist or taking risky actions that put other people in danger. Failure to do so can expose them to liability for a personal… Read More »


When Can You Sue the Government for an Injury?

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

For better or worse, the government has a large impact on the daily life of everyone who lives in this country. Various agencies control when we can drive, the infrastructure of one’s community, and which businesses are permitted to operate, just a few of the many ways authorities regulate how people live. Given the… Read More »


Medical Malpractice and Lack of Parental Consent

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Getting necessary medical treatment for one’s child is part of being a parent, and not generally associated with medical malpractice. As children are prone to contracting illnesses on a frequent basis, as well as finding new ways to hurt themselves, trips to the doctor are a common occurrence. While a child is underage, parents… Read More »


Overmedication Is Nursing Home Abuse

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

As people age and start to experience the physical and mental breakdowns that often come with a long life, medical science tries to make this process easier through the use of medications designed to lessen unpleasant symptoms. Nursing homes, being facilities that care for people with significant psychological and physical ailments, dispense a wide… Read More »


Injuries to Mothers during Childbirth

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Carrying and delivering a child is one the hardest things a woman will ever do. It puts persistent and acute physical demands on the body that culminate in childbirth, a process that naturally puts both mother and baby in danger of injury or death. Modern medical personnel are supposed to reduce these risks by… Read More »

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