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Is an Injury a Bad Result or Medical Malpractice?

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Receiving any sort of medical treatment requires assuming some amount of risk. The practice of medicine, is, by nature, a process of trial and error as the doctor tries to determine how an injury or illness is negatively affecting the body. This situation does not mean a doctor or medical facility can take unreasonable… Read More »


Reckless vs. Negligent Acts: How the Difference Impacts Your Case

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

People make mistakes all the time – it is part of being human. And, sometimes, these mistakes cause injury to another person. While such incidents are unfortunate and unintended, they do not always mean a person is liable under a personal injury claim. To be legally responsible, an injured party must show the other… Read More »


Unnecessary Testing Is a Form of Medical Malpractice

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Diagnosing a medical condition or disease almost always requires some amount of testing to either confirm or deny the existence of determining factors. Thus, diagnostic testing is a standard and accepted part of the practice of medicine, and does not normally indicate medical malpractice occurred. But, the availability of tests does not mean doctors… Read More »


How the Commission of Crime Helps Your Negligence Case

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Crimes are an unfortunate reality that touches everyone to some extent, and more unfortunately, victims and bystanders are often caught up in the illegal activity, sustaining serious injury. Certainly, the actual offenders are liable for any harm a third-party may suffer, but other individuals and businesses may also be liable for providing negligent security… Read More »


A Doctor’s Negligence Can Lead to the Loss of a Limb

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Losing an entire limb, or even a portion of a body part, will have profound and permanent effects on the victim’s daily life. Amputations are normally associated with serious car accidents or construction-related injuries, but negligent doctors are also a source of these injuries, and could be liable under a medical malpractice claim. Whether… Read More »


Getting Compensation When Consumer Products Misbehave

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Christmas has become the season for gifting friends and relatives a wide array of digital and electronic devices that mark the technological age in which we live. These devices offer users convenience and connectivity that make navigating the world an easier endeavor. When these products work as advertised, the benefits are numerous, but not… Read More »


Untrained Doctors Performing Plastic Surgery Put Patients at Risk

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Medical malpractice can occur in any medical setting, including those that offer elective procedures. Plastic, or cosmetic, surgery is performed for wide range of reasons, which are not always supported by the general public, but there is no denying it is a popular and growing segment of the medical profession with 17.1 million procedures… Read More »


Screening Residents for Potential Danger

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Picking the right nursing home to care for a loved one, a place he/she may live, potentially, for years, involves considering a lot of factors. Usually, families must make some compromises when settling on a facility, and to some extent, the family must put their trust and faith in the nursing home staff and… Read More »


Wrong-Way Crashes and Getting Compensated for Your Injuries

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Any time a person drives or rides in a car, he/she must face the reality that there is an unavoidable risk that a car accident could happen, resulting in an injury. All humans can make bad decisions, and errors happen when people drive. However, this does not mean drivers are not responsible for unreasonable… Read More »


Suing Utility Companies for Serious Injuries

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Modern life could not function without the services provided by utility companies, namely electricity, water and sewage. One persistent issue with these companies is the danger their facilities and equipment pose to residents and others who may come into contact with these facilities and equipment. These companies are not free to recklessly expose the… Read More »

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