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How to Win a Medical Malpractice Case

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Outside of routine examinations, visiting a medical professional tends to cause angst in most patients. First, the patient is suffering something, whether it be symptoms relating to pain or illness. Further, there is always the fear that the diagnosis may be something debilitating, permanent, or terminal. In most cases, the medical professional, after analyzing… Read More »


PWD Recovers $450K in Arthroscopic Knee Case

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

In Jan. 2017, 69-year old client walked along a beaten dirt foot path to enter the property of a restaurant in Hialeah. As she walked along the path, she tripped over a piece of rebar sticking out of the ground. As a result, she fell and suffered injury to her knee requiring arthroscopic surgery… Read More »


PWD Recovers $1 Million in Semi-Truck Crash in Pensacola

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

On the morning of September 28, 2017, a semi truck driver created mayhem in Pensacola.  The driver lost control while driving at an excessive speed and attempting to burn through a yellow light. He veered into oncoming traffic, striking the side of one pick-up truck, then veered further crushing another pick-up truck head on…. Read More »


Liability for Failing to Diagnose

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Generally, medical professionals, when presented with symptoms, will conduct tests to get to the root cause. Further, there is an assumption, by the patient, that the professional will conduct every test possible, and, in most cases, the professional will conduct a wide variety of tests. Armed with the knowledge that comes with diagnostic testing,… Read More »


Liability for Slip-And-Fall Accidents

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

One of the more common causes of injury in the United States is the “slip and fall.” Catching individuals unaware as they are walking, slip and fall injuries occur when an individual trips, stumbles, or slips, and falls, sustaining an injury. In some cases, such as when hiking and tripping on an exposed root,… Read More »


PWD Settles Lemoni Café Crash for $2.1 Million

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

PWD obtained $2.1 Million in the Lemoni Café Crash Case.  Skip Pita of PWD was lead counsel for 12 victims injured at the Miami café when a car crashed into the unlicensed sidewalk café. PWD uncovered that the City of Miami had shut the café down but then it mysteriously opened up again after… Read More »


Can a Nurse Be Liable for Negligence in Providing Medical Care?

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

It is common knowledge that healthcare professionals can be liable for medical malpractice. What is not universally known is who qualifies as a healthcare professional, and, specifically, do nurses qualify, such that they or their employer can be held liable for medical malpractice as a result of actions taken or not taken by the… Read More »


Liability for Construction Accidents

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Construction sites are locations fraught with danger, which is why they are typically fenced-off and/or guarded, and people authorized to be on the site must wear protective headgear and reflective clothing. In most cases, the safety precautions taken by construction companies and their employees results in very few, if any, accidents. Unfortunately, partly due… Read More »


Issues with Post-Operative Care

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Surgeries and operations are some of the most traumatic experiences the human body undergoes. The trauma, of being anesthetized, cut open and stitched back, makes post-operative care extremely important for allowing for allowing for a full recovery. While there is obviously a great risk of injury during surgery and operations, there is also a… Read More »


Who Is at Fault When Bad Things Happen on a Plane?

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

It has been repeated numerous times that air travel is one of, if not the, safest forms of travel. And statistics do seem to bear this out – there are many more accidents and injuries that occur in automobiles than in airplanes. However, when an airplane is involved in a crash or other similar… Read More »

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