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Miami Construction Accident Lawyer

Accidents occur frequently on construction sites. The abundance of heavy equipment, intricate procedures and human responsibility creates a perfect recipe for mistakes and incidents. As a result, workers are in constant danger of injury and even death while present on construction sites. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 150,000 construction site accidents occur each year. This results in injury to about one in 10 workers annually, along with an average of 1,000 fatalities. Of all workers’ compensation costs, 15% of them are paid out for construction site injuries. Contact our Miami construction accident lawyers for more information.

How Do Construction Accidents Occur?

Construction site accidents occur in a variety of ways and for various reasons. The most common incidents include:

  •  Employer negligence – The productivity of a construction site greatly depends on proper management. The employer is responsible for ensuring the safety of the site, by including proper equipment maintenance and adequate employee training. When the employer does not meet these obligations, site accidents can follow.
  • Lifting injuries – Construction site employees are required to regularly lift and carry heavy objects. If this task is not completed with proper precautions, injuries can result.
  • Fall hazards – Falls are common on construction sites, where workers often walk on high beams. There is the additional risk of falling objects that are carried by these workers or moved from one place to another with cranes.
  • Equipment malfunctions – Properly functioning equipment is vital to the safety of a construction site. When purchasing equipment from a manufacturer, it is expected to work correctly and in a safe manner. When it does not, due to manufacturing defects or improper maintenance, the health and safety of workers is at risk.

When construction accidents occur, workers should report the incident to the site safety manager as quickly as possible. The employer may then attempt to seek payment through the workers’ compensation system. However, in the state of Florida, there are specific circumstances that allow the worker to seek additional compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. For example, if defective equipment caused the accident, the injured worker may pursue a case against the equipment designer or manufacturer. If maintenance was completed on the piece of equipment, the company that performed the work may also prove liable in a personal injury claim.

Our Construction Accident Lawyers Are Here to Help

With the assistance of an experienced lawyer, an injured worker can pursue all valid claims for compensation. In addition, when fatalities occur, surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim, even against a negligent employer. Any of these legal suits require an in-depth investigation of the accident, including all workers involved and all equipment that was in use when the incident occurred. This level of legal analysis is best handled by a knowledgeable lawyer with ample experience handling construction accident cases.

The Miami construction accident lawyers of Pita Weber Del Prado are known as capable personal injury lawyers, with the skill to provide you with aggressive representation. If you or a loved one was injured in a construction site accident, contact 305-670-2889 today for a free consultation and analysis of your potential case.

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