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Caution Needed on the Road – Florida Leads the Nation in Motorcycle Fatalities

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

As the first days of summer start to descend on the country, the daily rhythms of life often alter to accommodate children off from school and the simple desire to do more things outside. Florida, in particular, sees a sharp increase in car traffic as families flock to the state to enjoy its myriad… Read More »


Issues of Potential Malpractice during Pregnancy and Childbirth

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Having a new child is one of the most joyful events a parent experiences, and most parents harbor months of happy anticipation preceding the birth. While pregnancy and childbirth represent one of the most basic functions of the human body, it does not come without risk, which is why expectant mothers work with a… Read More »


Challenging a Denial of Insurance Coverage

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Challenging an insurance company over a denial of coverage decision is likely to be high on a person’s list of things to avoid. Insurance companies are large and complex, and they use this structure to intimidate customers who need to file claims for issues such as property damage or medical care. In addition, the… Read More »


Who Is Liable for Injuries Caused by a Child?

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Children are generally granted a large amount of leeway when it comes to comes to holding them responsible for their actions. The law recognizes that children do not possess the cognitive ability to understand the consequences of their actions in many instances, and as a result, they are rarely held personally liable if someone… Read More »


Restaurant Step-Up — Customer Fall Down

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Frequently, the attorneys at PWD receive case referrals from fellow personal injury lawyers throughout Florida.  Often, our attorneys are asked to take over cases when the insurance carrier has denied liability or is refusing to pay a fair settlement value.  This was the case involving A.M.    In August 2015, A.M. was entering a… Read More »


Day Care Dangers

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

LP and AD are hard working, loving parents.  Due to work schedules, they were forced to put their infant daughter, VD, in day care.  Before doing so, LP and AD researched and found a day care center that was approved and certified by the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families.  After touring… Read More »


PWD Obtains Six Figure Settlement for Airboat Crash in the Everglades

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Spring Break in South Florida is a great time for vacationers — there are so many things to see and do.  One very popular attraction is a tour of the Everglades on an airboat.  The advertisements for these tours are very enticing – getting to see alligators up close and personal while exploring the… Read More »


Tractor Trailer Tragedy

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

52-year old H.P.  recently arrived in Miami from Cuba with his wife and 2 adult sons to begin a new life.  HP was grateful for the opportunities that our great country afforded him and the advantages it would offer his wife and sons.  As soon as he had his work papers, H.P. found an agricultural… Read More »


Recent Florida Supreme Court Decisions Affecting Medical Malpractice Claims

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Medical malpractice laws seem to be constantly up for debate because of the amount of money doctors and insurers spend to make their positions known to lawmakers. Unfortunately, this situation has led to the passage of laws that often favor doctors and insurers over the lives of injured patients. Consequences from an injury caused… Read More »


Facial Injuries, Falls, and Nursing Home Neglect

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Transitioning a loved one to a nursing home presents emotional challenges for both the family and the person moving into this environment. This transition can also require physical adjustment for the new resident as he/she adapts to the living situation that unavoidably results in the loss of some autonomy. Many nursing home residents are… Read More »

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