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Medical Records and Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Almost every time a person visits a medical facility for an evaluation, and definitely each time someone is a new patient, a large stack of forms must be completed relating to the person’s medical history, and usually a family medical history as well. Medical records form the center of most medical malpractice cases, and… Read More »


Hurricane Damage and Insurance Disputes

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

As Floridians start to assess the damage and begin the slow return to normal life following Hurricane Irma, hundreds of thousands are grappling with significant water, flood and wind damage to their homes as a result of the storm. Most will turn to their homeowner’s property insurance to pay for the repair or replacement… Read More »


Who Is Responsible When a Malfunction Causes a Boating Accident?

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Being on water is one of the big draws of living and vacationing in Florida, and one of the more popular ways to experience this natural wonder is boating. Boating is often a family experience, and offers a lot of options for everyone to enjoy. However, it is easy to forget that boating does… Read More »


Few Checks on the Safety of Driverless Cars

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Driving cars is an image centrally associated with being American, but as technology advances, the direct interaction between car and driver seems to be shrinking. Car accidents are unavoidably connected with driving a car since people are unpredictable and prone to making mistakes. Some of this inherent danger is supposed to be addressed with… Read More »


The Role of Vicarious Liability in Personal Injury Cases

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

People often assume that suing someone in a personal injury lawsuit for harm caused by negligent behavior is limited to the person that directly caused the damage. This assumption is generally true in injuries related to car accidents, but in many other instances of negligence, the person who caused the harm is not necessarily… Read More »


Think Twice Before Agreeing to Forceps during Childbirth

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Childbirth is a wonderful and necessary human process that inherently brings a lot of unavoidable risk. Given the gravity of the potential consequences, mothers-to-be seek out and rely on obstetricians and other medical professionals with experience and training in childbirth to help keep the process safe for the new mother and her baby. Unfortunately,… Read More »


Brain Death and Medical Malpractice

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Accepting the death of a loved one is never easy, and it is particularly difficult when the death is sudden and unexpected, such as following a routine medical procedure. Death in the wake of negligent medical treatment may give rise to a medical malpractice claim. While patients are informed of risks associated with medical… Read More »


Government Report Reveals an Alarming Failure to Report Abuse by Nursing Homes

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is rarely an easy decision because it usually signifies that the person is suffering from debilitating health problems, and is likely entering the last phase of his/her life. Nursing home residents are vulnerable, and need appropriate oversight and adequate care so they can live as well… Read More »


As the Popularity of Ziplining Increases, So Due the Injuries

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Taking part in lots of outdoor activities is one of the hallmarks of summer for many families, but certain activities bring a greater risk for injury compared to others. When avoidable injuries do occur, it may be possible to file a personal injury claim for negligence to recover compensation. Florida, being one of the… Read More »


Florida Supreme Court to Consider a Medical Malpractice Case Involving Anesthesiology

By Pita Weber Del Prado |

Surgical procedures come with inherent risks that cannot be completely eradicated, but one of the more dangerous aspects of any operation is anesthesia. If anesthesia is administered or monitored improperly, the doctor or other responsible health care provider could be liable for medical malpractice if an injury occurs. When people think about receiving anesthesia,… Read More »

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