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Senator Rubio Pushes Back Against Time Changes: How It Could Reduce Miami Personal Injury Risks


Most of us appreciate the extra hour of sleep when we switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time in November, but one of the downsides is the disruption to our internal clock. Unfortunately, this results in an increase in adverse health events and serious, potentially life-threatening personal injuries. While Senator Mark Rubio proposed legislation to end the practice, our Miami personal injury lawyer explains more about the debate.

Legislation Proposes Making Daylight Savings Time Year Round

Each year, Daylight Savings Time (DST) begins on the second Sunday in March and ends the first Sunday in November. Arizona and Hawaii do not participate in time changes, and Florida as well as several west coast states would like to do away with it too. However, they are unable to due to federal mandates.

To address the issue, Florida Senator Mark Rubio sponsored the Sunshine Protection Act in 2021, which proposed making Daylight Savings Time year round. The Sunshine Protection Act passed in the Senate March 2022 but needs approval from the House before it can be signed by the President and made into law. This is not likely to happen anytime soon, as it is not considered a pressing issue. Plus, despite the fact it would provide increased daylight during winter, there are some people who do not support it.

Evidence Mounts Regarding The Risks Of Time Changes

The National Institutes Of Health (NIH) reports that there are numerous studies that point to the negative effects of making time changes. Jumping ahead an hour in the spring and setting clocks back in the fall has been shown to result in the following:

  • A dangerous increase in heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, and other serious medical events;
  • A dramatic increase in hospital emergency room visits due to personal injuries caused by slips, falls, and other types of accidents;
  • Sadly, a spike in fatal car accidents for up to a week after making the time change, impacting drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists involved.

Part of the problem, particularly in the fall, is that it gets dark so much earlier. As this impacts visibility, it inherently makes personal injuries in Miami more likely to happen. Experts also claim that excessive fatigue is also a factor. Time changes throw off the body’s circadian rhythms and cause sleep disruptions for many people.

Advocates of Senator Rubio’s bill claim making Daylight Savings Time year round would eliminate the problem. However, the International Alliance For Natural Time insists instead that staying on standard time permanent-which is more in sync with solar time and the position of the sun in the sky-would be a safer and overall better option. 

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