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After Mistrial, Family Recovers for Death of Mother in Blood Related Medical Malpractice Case

In 1998, Ms. Dunmore was hospitalized at Colombia Hospital in W. Palm Beach with a dropping red blood cell count. The laboratory studies showed that she was suffering from a blood disorder called TTP, which is easily cured with plasma exchange through a machine. The hospital hematologist apparently failed to look at the lab study. The following day, a second study was done showing the same thing. This time, the hematologist called for the blood bank to start plasma exchange. The blood bank doctor claims he arrived late that night and ruled out the presence of the blood disorder and dictated a report claiming such. Ms. Dunmore died early that morning leaving behind 5 children. In addition to various inconsistencies in the stories of the two doctors, there was no report ever found or any other kind of evidence in the hospital chart supporting the blood bank doctor’s story that he ever bothered to show up. And contrary to his position that she did have the disorder, the chart told the story that she had it and was supposed to get the plasma exchange. P&D tried the case to the jury. The night before the hospital hematologist was to testify, he was hospitalized with chest pains and the defense presented an affidavit from his doctor claiming that the hematologist could not withstand the stress of trial. The case subsequently settled on confidential terms.

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