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Slip and Fall at Ft. Lauderdale Hotel results in Fractured Wrist

AM traveled from New York to attend one of his favorite annual events, which was being hosted in Ft. Lauderdale. While walking the Hotel’s driveway to get into a transportation van, AM slipped and fell, suffering a painful broken wrist. Although several people witnessed the event, the Hotel never got their names and numbers.
Once the Weber Law Firm was retained, we immediately inspected the parking lot and discovered that the Hotel had used inappropriate “deck” paint for the driveway. This paint became very slippery when wet. What’s more, we discovered that the Hotel’s air conditioning units chronically leaked water onto the driveway creating perpetually slippery situation. What’s more, we retained a paint expert to provide opinions as to how the danger associated with using the improper paint. Finally, we were able to locate the eyewitnesses and van driver – who provided invaluable testimony. At the end of the day, we resolved this case before trial for a confidential, six figure sum.

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