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United Parcel Service (UPS) Pays Driver in Seemingly Impossible Case – Our Client was Cited By FHP!

John Smith was driving his pick up truck on I-75. Out of no where, a white pick up truck, which was several car lengths ahead of him and in the same lane, slammed into the rear end of a UPS Brown Delivery truck. Our client then struck the rear of the white pick up truck. Our client was then airlifted from the scene due to the severity of his injuries.

When Florida Highway Patrol arrived on the scene, the Trooper cited our client with Careless Driving and faulted him for causing the crash. Under normal circumstances, this would be correct under Florida law. But not here!

Through expeditious and diligent investigation, the Weber Law Firm, its investigator and accident reconstruction expert discovered a witness to the crash. The witness swore that the UPS truck actually veered out of his lane and cut-off on-coming traffic including the white pick up truck. The Weber Law Firm then subpoenaed the driver’s cellular phone records and discovered that the driver was texting (for work purposes!) at the time of the Crash.

Despite the evidence, UPS insisted upon going to trial. Just before closing arguments, however, UPS settled the case, paying a substantial, “Six Figure” settlement.

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